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Accessing Campus Resources from My Personal Computer

Personal Computer Use

Lundquist and University data security policy restrict the storage of certain kinds of information on personally owned computer devices. This includes data protected by government regulation or otherwise considered sensitive, proprietary or private.

Restricted Data

Types of restricted data:

  • Correspondence (email)
  • Student Records
  • Student Work Product
  • Research Work Product
  • Payment/Purchasing Information

Remote Connections

Lundquist and University data security policy restrict connections to campus file shares from untrusted personally owned computer devices. Untrusted personal devices may have viruses, malware or other malicious software that would put stored data at risk.

Types of shared storage:

  • Mapped Lundquist File Stores ("M" Drive, "O" Drive, etc…)
  • OneDrive Storage (provided by University)
  • Dropbox Storage (used for University or Research purposes)
  • Removable Flash Storage or other portable storage device

Campus Resources

Many campus resources connect you to sensitive or personal information. Access to these resources are often limited to Lundquist or University owned equipment or an on-campus network connection.

In general, you can use a personally owned device to access any publicly available campus service. Any service used to conduct the business of the university should be done using a university owned device.

Virtual Desktop

Any Lundquist associate has access to a Windows virtual desktop. These virtual desktops run on server computers on campus. Services and information running in the virtual desktop do not leave the secure campus computing environment. Virtual desktops can be accessed from any supported device platform (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android). Virtual desktops are your best option for accessing Lundquist or University resources on a personal computing device.

More information and instructions available online. Virtual Computer Lab

Updated on: 
Sep 13, 2019