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New Hire Checklist

Welcome to the Lundquist College of Business! Below please find some information that will help acclimate you to the Unversity of Oregon.

  • Click here for more information on New Employee Orienation
  • University of Oregon ID Cards: Faculty and staff are issued identification cards at the time of their initial appointment. The cards entitle you to use the library, gyms and, if your annual FTE is .50 or greater, to ride the local bus system (LTD and EMX) for free.
  • You will often here folks ask for your Duck ID. (See more below on claiming your Duck ID.) This is the username you will use to access e-mail, Canvas, Central Web Sign-on (Shibboleth), and the university's wireless network and VPN services (among other things). Duck ID passwords expire every 180 days. You can change your password and update account information using UO DuckId Self-Service.
  • Your university e-mail address is your Duck ID username plus "@uoregon.edu", as in "jersmith@uoregon.edu"
  • DuckWeb (duckweb.uoregon.edu) is the university’s online resource for a wide variety of information. It serves both faculty and students. You can access course evaluations, enter grades, register for courses, and review class rosters. You can also review your personal and employee information, such as emergency contacts, payroll distribution, paystubs, employee status and tax forms. Additional DuckWeb information.

People at the College

Faculty and Staff

Prior to Your First Day of Work - Claim your Duck ID

NOTE: You already have a Duck ID if you were a student at UO or previously worked at the UO.

  1. Go to http://duckid.uoregon.edu/
    1. Enter your UO ID number (95...) as your username
    2. Enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) number (use UPPERCASE)
  2. Click Login
  3. Create and verify a new password
  4. Security questions:
    1. Provide answers to five (or more) of the security questions
    2. Create a custom security question
    3. Click Save
  5. Password recovery options:
    1. Enter an Account recovery email
    2. Recovery SMS carrier
    3. Recovery SMS device number
  6. Logout

Call the LCB Help Desk 541-346-3311 if you need assistance.

First Day of Work

  1. Get your key card from the Human Resources Specialist (541-346-2991), 374 Lillis or Building Management (541-346-4794), 311 Lillis.
  2. Get your UO ID card in the UO Card Office in Emerald Memorial Union (EMU), Ground Level, Room 2. Take your Personal Information Form (PIF) with you.
    1. Pick up office keys in Room 12 next to UO Card Office.
    2. Bring UO ID card and cash (or checks) for the key deposit.
  3. Set up your UO ID card's proximity access to enter the Lillis Business Complex after hours.
    1. Contact Frank Sharpy (Building Management) at 541-346-4794 or by email fsharpy@uoregon.edu
  4. Purchase a parking permit (optional) from Department of Parking and Transportation (located at 1401 Walnut Street, corner of Franklin and Walnut Street).
  5. Setup your office phone's voicemail box. Note: Callers cannot leave messages until you activate your voicemail.
    1. Dial 6-1111
    2. Enter your extension
    3. Enter 000000 (six zeroes) as the password
    4. Change voice mail box name (Menu: 5, 1, 5)
    5. Change the normal greeting (Menu: 5, 1, 3, 2)
  6. Log into your office computer with your Duck ID and password. Note: Your newly created password will expire in 180 days. An email notice will be sent several days prior.
  7. Instructors and Faculty: Contact the Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) at 541-346-1942 for Canvas training. Self-Help Canvas Training.


You can learn about using your office phone and copiers here.

IT Help

The Lundquist Help Desk is located in 320 Chiles and can be reached by phone at 541-346-3311 (6-3311 if calling from a campus phone) or via email.

Updated on: 
Sep 19, 2019